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The E-mail Book

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Welcome to the Book version of The E-mail Website

This version of the website focus more on the literary side of story telling, like a book, with minimal or no illustrations. The Main version of the website is more visually represented, containing art work to help the reader visualize the story.

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- - PROLOGUE - -

In the year 1863, five Arabian nomads set out into the desert known as Rub' al Khali (The Empty Quarter), in search of the legendary city of Ubar. But instead, they found something much greater and mysterious than Ubar itself.

The nomads came across an encapsulated mechanism of unknown origin, which is later called The E-mail, for a reason.

From the very beginning The E-mail exhibits signs of intelligence, raising questions of what is inside - Artificial Intelligence (AI), a human being, an extraterrestrial life form? Where does it come from?

These questions drive manking to embark on a saga against this mechanism of unknown origin. Because, based on historic records, from its very first appearance The E-mail began spreading some sort of poison among mankind, feeding on their emotions, from love to hate and everything in between, what makes us human.
The E-mail portrayed itself as a messenger of light, but with a somber future in store for the human species.

Mankind however, was not about to walk into this somber future without a fight! People from all continents joined in the saga against The E-mail. From the Phenomena prodigies to the masters of Cybernetics. Tactical geniuses as well as masters of guerrilla warfare and those who had reached the height of secret ops espionage. Scientists in almost every field of our world came to join in the saga. Even the great honorable samurais and the masters of stealth the ninjas joined in the saga, as well as martial artists from all sorts of different backgrounds and self-taught people who had learned different techniques that could be used in their fight against The E-mail. Humanity was forced to forge powerful secret organizations to counter attack
The E-mail's power.

But, what is The E-mail and where it came from are not as important now as to why it's here. The E-mail itself will tell you why it's here. Listen to The E-mail

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